Posted Jun 8, 01:52 PM

Welcome to the website of Leith Churches Forum.

We are a group of Church of Scotland churches in Leith Edinburgh. We believe that community is a sign of the Kingdom of God and that it needs a spiritual heart. The churches of Leith therefore have a responsibility to foster, support and share in a vision of Leith as one community.

We believe this is Gods vision too.

The vision is for the ‘church’ to play an active part in the life of the community

  • by making a connection with God, witnessing to Him and
  • by working actively together with the other churches, as if one, to meet the spirtual and practical needs of the community

To do this we must link and work with other faith groups and denominations who share Leith’s vision

We desire leith to be a growing, caring, multicultural and friendly community. We want to enjoy a cleaner environment, safer streets, social housing, better amenities and more employment.

We seek…

  • good relationships between young and old
  • mutual concern
  • a family empahasis
  • an openness to ‘outsiders’
  • a sense of belonging